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Google Adwords or Facebook Ads?

Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, which is better? A question I often get asked by clients and fellow marketers is if I think they should use their advertising budget on Google ads or Facebook ads.¬†Which will produce better results? The simple fact is that both these platforms can produce fantastic results when paired with the […]

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why is blogging so important

Why Is Blogging Important?

Why Is Blogging Important? Blogging is a great way to build and maintaining relationships online. Other than the SEO benefits, blogging is a low-cost, organic, route to lead generation. You can share your blog articles in Groups on Social Media, use your posts as material for a Drip Marketing campaign and even share Client Testimonials […]

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turnover dropping due to digitisation

Why is your turnover dropping?

Did you know that many businesses and industries are losing out on revenue or experiencing loss in turnover due to digitisation? Digitisation affects your business in many ways that you may have not realised. Consumers are now using platforms such as Facebook for customer service or inquiries. They expect the same fast service from every […]

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